I have worked at Orange Bus, a digital agency in Newcastle, for four years, now known as Capita Consultancy. Here I’m responsible for all phases of the UX process from;

  • facilitating workshops with stakeholders and users to gain a shared understanding and get first-hand insights from both
  • conducting user interviews and other contextual research at the beginning of a project to identify user needs
  • performing desk research such as analytics reviews, expert heuristic reviews and competitive analysis to understand the online performance of a product or service and see where it sits within the marketplace
  • running content audits to examine how useful content is and how it could be improved
  • developing information architecture systems to organise and structure content within websites and apps
  • sketching storyboards and concepts to help convey a narrative of a product or service
  • wireframing and prototyping at all levels of fidelity, including HTML prototyping
  • testing design hypotheses through usability testing and guerrilla testing

Ways of working

I work in multi-disciplinary teams where I collaborate with stakeholders, business analysts, researchers, designers, developers and QAs throughout the lifecycle of a project to help them meet Orange Bus’ high standards for usability and design. I have experience working in both traditional waterfall and agile delivery.

While at Orange Bus/Capita Consultancy, I’ve worked for a wide range of organisations and brands in food, retail, technology, financial and government sectors.